All-weather shelters

With our shelters your prize possession maintains its value, and the ease with which they are set up means there’s no longer any fuss or bother before winter.

Setting Up The Urannus All-Weather Shelter

See for yourself how easy it is!

Durable Shelters

Winter for your vehicle is no longer the time of year when it either turns into an eyesore or attracts robbers. Either end of the shelter opens up so the vessel can be driven in, like a car into a garage. Urannus shelters can be used equally in the summer.

When not in use, the shelter can be stored away neatly and economically, unlike more bulky single-use shelters built out of timber and tarpaulin. And although these traditional shelters might work, they require lots more labour and upkeep.

Urannus shelters can also be customized with a print or design of your choice.

Safe & Sound

Upkeep, maintenance, and installation work are all possible under the shelter. When working on the boat requires removing a section of the shelter, this can be done so that the rest nevertheless remains covered.

The shelter is built out of free standing aluminum frames. Each frame is an inverted U that supports both the roof and sides of the shelter. The number of frames and their height is determined by the size of the boat. Between each frame there is 2.1 metres of hard, laminated fabric, which is held in place by a groove in each frame.

Urannus is a neat and ready-to-go shelter, that will not catch in the wind so it does not need extra weighting in its hems. The hem is 50cm from the ground, and thus provides the boat with adequate ventilation. The shelter is made fast to the ground or the boat with lines.

In the space between frames, a work surface can be placed at the required height for varnishing, polishing or any other boatwork. This eliminates the need for any separate scaffolding. All the parts needed to make fast the shelter or support this work surface use the same kind of attachment bracket, which can be fixed to any point of the frames.